Women In PropTech

Why Women In PropTech's launch means so much to us at LMRE and the wider industry. 


Women in PropTech is a lot of things; a statement, a necessity, an acronym (lord knows we don’t need another of those!) But first and foremost, it’s a community, and thanks to the work of the fabulous connecter that is Charlotte Dovey, last Thursday, this whole community met for the first time!

As I entered the room I was immediately struck by the diversity of this great space we work in; WIPT, (I told you the acronym would come out sooner rather than later) are an eclectic bunch, there were passionate founders touting their products, ballsy city launchers, who have built whole teams in London from scratch, Mothers returning to work with new business ideas and lots of faces who were new to London all together. CBRE stalwarts rubbed shoulders with young entrepreneurs and everyone revelled in the all-female environment.

There was something overwhelmingly welcoming about being a room full of women, that perhaps typical mixed gender events can’t emulate. I have lost count of the amount of times I have had to discuss football scores, cycle routes or Pale Ale at events I have been at. But, a lad’s mixer, drinking warm beer outside a West End Pub, this was not! This event was sassy, fun, interesting and most importantly, there was genuine pride in the room. It felt as if it was dawning on us all that it was our responsibility to show the rest of the world that this industry is an awesome place to work.

I have worked in the PropTech for the last few years, and I have loved it. I have grown professionally and personally and been exposed to a wealth opportunities. As I now sit in a new role, as a senior consultant at LMRE, I am linking the best talent in the space to some of the industry’s best businesses.

These businesses of course value diversity and promote female talent in the space and so do we. So, when WIPT meet for their 1st birthday celebrations, I make a pledge that LMRE will be able to stand tall and share that we have placed women in 50% or more of our senior roles in 2019. It is a commitment that I feel I owe to all the wonderful women I met on Thursday, and one I will no doubt relish in reaching. We will be providing monthly updates, so watch this space!

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