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Meet the Founders: Vincent Bryant

Founder: Vincent Bryant

Company: Deepki

Founded in 2014, Deepki supports real estate players in their transition to net zero and sustainability. To achieve this transition towards sustainability, Deepki helps realign stakeholders’ interests to build efficient strategies and transform real estate into a positive force for the planet.

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Meet the Founders: Ramzi Bouzerda

Founder: Ramzi Bouzerda

Company: Droople

Droople is a B2B Swiss Cleantech building the Water Intelligence Platform to the World. They accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices, promote the integration of water conservation systems, and education the value of this essential resource with IoT and AI.

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Meet the Founders: Felix Dorner

Founder: Felix Dorner

Company: aedifion

aedifion helps to operate buildings sustainable, efficiently and transparently. With the AI-based cloud platform, the energy consumption and operating costs of buildings can be reduced and their sustainability improved. A win-win-win for owners, operators and tenants.

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Meet the Founders: Sander Verseput

Founder: Sander Verseput

Company: Chainels

Chainels is a tenant experience app engaging landlords of mixed-use, retail, office and residential destinations to have strong relationships with their tenants. Our platform single-handedly turns portfolios of multi-occupier buildings into productive, connected and thriving communities which achieve their goals.

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Meet the Founders: Robert Davis & Alex Kountourides

Founder: Robert Davis & Alex Kountourides

Company: Valos

Valos is a platform built by valuers, for valuers. By blending automation with valuer input, Valos alleviates the mundane, repetitive, and administrative tasks to empower and not replace valuers.

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Meet the Founders: Bernd Oswald

Founder: Bernd Oswald

Company: GROPYUS

GROPYUS advances the development of sustainable buildings. We transform the construction industry through technology. By looking at homes as products we are able to create truly sustainable and affordable buildings. Sustainability permeates every step of the building process: design, production, construction, and asset management.


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Meet the Founders: Wouter Merkestein

Founder: Wouter Merkestein

Company: laiout

laiout is the world’s only fully automated multiplayer architectural design tool for existing buildings generating floor plans in mere seconds. All while adhering to architectural and regulatory constraints. This allows their users to save weeks of time in feasibility studies, tenancy turnarounds and refurbishments.

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Meet the Founders: Will Pearce

Founder: Will Pearce

Company: Orbital Witness

Orbital Witness combine cutting-edge AI with deep legal expertise to simplify every step of the diligence process enabling businesses to diligence and report on property in minutes, not weeks.

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Meet the Founders: Emanuel Heisenberg

Founder: Emanuel Heisenberg

Company: ecoworks

ecoworks plans, designs and installs facade and roof elements in order to convert apartment buildings to a Net Zero standard within just a few weeks.

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Meet the Founders: Emma Malha

Founder: Emma Malha

Company: Beanstock

Beanstock is the rental investment platform that provides individuals with the expertise, tools and information to invest with confidence in their financial future.

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Crazy for ConTech: Dustin Devan

Guest: Dustin Devan

Company: Ediphi

Ediphi is the most advanced cloud-based estimating software. Contractors use our platform to streamline preconstruction and empower better decision making, ensuring they consistently guide clients to the right target value design.


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