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Residential : Multifamily Innovation

Residential Property technology is shaking up perhaps the most well known space of Real Estate including online portals, hybrid estate agents, cloud property management software, smartphone tenancy apps and digital conveyancing. Residential Property management and Estate agency is being disrupted by more effective consumer friendly solution to buying, selling and renting property. The residential property stakeholder is now being treated as a customer rather than the owner of an asset.


LMRE are pleased to provide informed advice to the PropTech companies and agencies driving the much needed change within the industry. Innovative models such as Coliving, Build to Rent and Flexible living arrangements are allowing a number of institutions to enter this space also.

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Commercial Real Estate Innovation

Before diving in, it’s worth reflecting on the size of the opportunity at stake. Real estate is the largest asset class in the world – worth more than all stocks and bonds combined – yet it is one of the last to adopt technology. LMRE are here to help change that by working with Tech leaders within traditional Real Estate companies acquire the tech savvy personnel needed for the digital transformation.


Institutional Real Estate innovation allows organisations to rearchitect themselves to scale learning and generate richer innovations at other levels, including products, business models, and management systems.

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Smart Buildings : Smart Homes

Internet of Things (IoT) underpins the entire intelligent Built Environment. Different segments of the market use tech in diverse ways but one constant always holds true: the more sophisticated the tech, the more crucial data is to it. There is a lot of historical data out there, warehoused by property firms and other stakeholders, and the sharing of this data will be an important step to tech enhance the Real Estate industry as a whole. But analysing and acting on live data is the real value add, and this is enabled by the “Internet of Things” (IoT).


Tenant engagement, Access control, Facility management and air quality control are just a few examples of where IoT and integration with the Built Environment thus creating a safer, dynamic and consumer focussed, built environment.

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Investment, Asset Management & Venture Capital

We pride ourselves on pinpointing exceptional people exclusively for the Investment Management, Real estate Venture Capital and Real Estate Asset managers. We have a high sense of purpose behind every search we take on and which gives us a privileged access to fascinating people and exciting organisations. Working with the smartest minds in the industry is highly engaging and motivating.


Our special vantage point across the market as introducers of Proptech companies and ideas to the leading thought leaders in the Real Estate VC and Investment industry gives us unique access to trends we can share with our network. We work harder and smarter with every search thinking creatively giving the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Construction Technology

There are plenty of definitions of the term out there. Some of these are broad, others narrow it down to just the actual construction process. In reality, there is a lot of overlap between construction and management and it is impossible to consider ConTech siloed away from the rest of technological innovation in the built environment. We like to define ConTech as the technology used to innovate the way we plan, design, and build structures, as well as the manufacture and installation of their components

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Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability technology will help the real estate industry reach the potential it holds to meet global climate and environmental sustainability targets. The World Bank estimates, the real estate sector has to reduce CO2 emissions by 36% by 2030 to support staying within the 2°C threshold.


Whether it is Carbon measurement, sustainable consultancies and methodologies, LMRE works with pioneering companies and consultancies to deliver the best talent to create a brighter, more renewable tomorrow.

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