UKAA Roundtable: Skills and Safety in the BTR Sector presented by IRPM

This morning LM Living attended the UKAA and IRPM roundtable. Presented by both Andrew Bulmer and Tracey Hartley.


The main topics of discussion were the changes to the IRPM levels and whether they are providing the correct qualifications for specific roles required within the BTR sector. There was also an interesting discussion on the differing skills required in the Facilities Manager and General Manager roles.

When discussing the challenges to recruitment and retention within the BTR sector it was clear that employees value the recognition of their skills. To improve retention there was a mention of the importance of training around the 2.5 year mark and there being a clear path of progression for all employees.

Dr Shaun Lundy then updated us on the latest developments within fire and building safety and the impact that new legislation will have on the BTR and PRS sector in years to come.

A great insightful morning, thank you UKAA and IRPM.


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