LMRE take the US: part 1


So as I sit on my first flight to US for LMRE I have various thoughts crossing my mind

1- what will the US market be like in comparison to the UK and Europe?

2- how will  the events, talks, conferences and people all compare?

3- within which proptech vertical will there be highest demand for certain skills and where is there a skill shortage?

4- what new films do Norwegian airlines have and will I go for the vegetarian or meat option for dinner?

Currently I have about 30 meetings booked in for this week ranging from meetings with Michael the founder of CREtech, to various VC backed proptech starts up, to a few catch up with VCs and global funds. The people I am meeting are from the west and east coast and across various the states. As you can imagine there are more people from San Fran and NYC as they are the current proptech hubs.

It’s been an incredible journey for LMRE to get to this point. We first started In January this year in London and now we have our second office opening in NYC.

The amount of reach outs, friendly responses and introductions makes me feel confident of the community that surrounds this space and fills me with excitement of the people I will meet, the products we wil see developmed and also makes me feel positive about the future of real estate tech.

Lu Dickins 

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