LMRE and PropertyQuants partner to fulfill industry demand for Real Estate Data Scientists

PropertyQuants, which runs a Masters-level course in Applying Data Science & Machine Learning for Real Estate, has announced a partnership with LMRE, the market leading global Proptech recruitment platform. 


Graduates from PropertyQuants’ program have in-demand skills in the domain-specific applications of data science to real estate, and through this collaboration will be able to access career opportunities in rapidly growing Proptech firms and forward-thinking real estate companies. LMRE will be able to connect with PropertyQuants’ pool of alumni and course participants to fill their clients’ demand for the rare and highly sought after combination of skills in real estate and data science.

“PropertyQuants run a market-leading course that is in-depth and hands-on, covering a wide range of technical material that our clients are all demanding right now. We’re excited to partner with them to connect their highly qualified course graduates with employers.” said Richard Lloyd of LMRE.

“LMRE are the clear leaders in Proptech recruiting globally, and also have a strong set of opportunities from more traditional real estate firms looking for hires in the data science space. We think this partnership will produce a lot of value for course participants, employers, and the real estate industry broadly,” said Nelson Lau, PhD, CFA, CEO of PropertyQuants.

PropertyQuants also runs a separate non-technical introductory seminar “Introduction to Data Science & Machine Learning for Real Estate” Tailored for senior executives and proptech investors, this seminar covers the key concepts in data science as it pertains to real estate, discusses implementation / operationalization and challenges therein, and discusses trends and disruptive business models. The seminar will empower participants to have productive conversations with technical staff, hires, and consultants, and make informed strategic decisions relating to data strategy, enabling them to bring the data science transformation to their companies.

For more information, contact training@propertyquants.com or info@lmre.co.uk

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