Gyana’s Hackathon. SAMSARA: Immersive Data Science Day


It’s an early start of 8am at U&I’s building near Albert Embankment. This event is all about data and is raising money for charity.

Nigel Morris opened up Gyana’s event. Nigel is a Global Brand Guru with 30 years’ experience of acquisitions and has built a company worth 8 billion and emphasised the power of data through marketing, health, government the list goes on. It is pivotal in every sector that surrounds the universe.

We are here today to release the tension of data and there are very few players who genuinely can release the potential of data.

The team at Gyana are driven by the mission to make data and data science available to everyone for the benefit of everyone.

The competition today is to see how much data people can unlock in this hackathon.

It must be emphasised that data can be used badly…i.e. as demonstrated by me today but it can also be used well, as we saw with Dora during the Hackathon. My mother always said play to your strengths and unfortunately data science is not one. However, for Data Dora it is!

David Kell, Head of Tech at Gyana does a demo using FIFA with some well-known football stars like Messi and Renaldo to draw the crowds in. Who would have known without this data that 75 per cent of footballers use their right foot and the peak age is 20/21. This all took a second to gather and put into a graph.

Gyana’s tool allows you to visualise and understand data to provide insights. They take multiple building blocks and put them together coordinates data like never before.

We quickly said hi to our friend Enrico Faccioli and also bumped into Hannah Prideaux and now the Hackathon begins.

It’s a slow start for us as unfortunately despite being tech recruiters we do not work off MAC’s which makes this hackathon extra challenging. You know what they say, a bad workman blames his tools…

At 1230 there is a quick lunch break and yoga session by Isha Yoga and a talk about the technology of wellbeing.

The finalists are then announced and unfortunately, we didn’t make the shortlist but are delighted to have taken part. Despite being the anomalies of many data scientists it is not just about your experience in data. It is about how you see the data and what hypothesis you create…saying that, LMRE didn’t quite make the finals.

Holly Russel then gave a talk on how Ellandi drives the value of data which is shortly followed by a talk by Eoin Condren, Director of JV at U&I pls, x MD of VTS on applied data science in real estate and public sector.

After this a panel discussion on “is big data real or not” then followed by the winner’s announcements and some lovely drinks with music by X Factors singer Justin Peng!

Congrats to all that took part, and thank you Gyana for a great event!

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