Bisnow’s 'How And Where: Turning BTR’s Resilience Into Profit'

On Tuesday the team at LMRE Living tuned into the Bisnow’s webinar How And Where: Turning BTR’s Resilience Into Profit. With panellists Owain Thomas from Cortland, Victoria Manston from HUB, Joe Persechino of AXA Investment Managers, Lukman Ahmed from L &Q, Matthew Taylor from Vistry Partnerships and Iain Murray from Liv Consult.


Iain Murray kicked things off with an insight into Liv Consult, one of the leading Build to Rent (BTR) consultancies and it was exciting to see how they operate. Iain offered us an insight into how they determine the viability of a potential BTR investment, using data of population size, forecasts of employment growth and rental supply growth mixed with commuter levels. He pointed out the topmost investable places to invest in BTR are Dublin, London and Manchester and kept the many other locations secret – very intriguing!


One of the main takeaways from the webinar was the growing interest in regional cities as opportunities for BTR investment. Victoria from HUB mentioned that there has been a 58% increase in people moving into more regional cities. Joe from AXA Investment Managers mentioned the latest buzz word ‘suburbanisation’ with the decline in office use and people reconsidering post-Covid and it was largely agreed that this will change future demand.


Panellists then discussed aspects of BTR that will ensure resilience in a post-Covid world. Victoria from HUB mentioned that their intentions have been to be flexible and that operators are now building technology into the buildings at the earliest stage. Lukman from L & Q notes the most important aspects of BTR, primarily, quality product and a quality service. Secondly, location and lastly connectivity, not simply to transport links but to local amenities.


The takeaway from the webinar was that the BTR sector is growing strength to strength, rental collection rates are remaining extremely high and all involved revealed positive future plans.



by Olivia Dobson 

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