A European PropTech View, Matthias Standfest, Archilyse

Welcome back to 'A European PropTech View, by Dilan Omari-Clark' our Q&A focused on European PropTech's.


Our Q&A series is an opportunity for our European team, headed up by Dilan Omari-Clark to discuss all things PropTech, Start-ups, and Career with different founders from across the continent. Each week we ask our guests some burning questions and quiz them about their product, we hope you find it insightful and enjoy getting to know the founders. 

This week we speak to Matthias Standfest, CEO and Founder of Archilyse.

Archilyse makes architecture and real estate quality measurable, comparable and understandable for everybody - what gets measured will be improved. They provide qualitative insights and empower decisions based on data analytics and objective, measurable performance indicators. By means of the AI-supported API they aim to free the world from repetitive, dull, time-consuming and costly tasks. As a result, their customers can focus on creating innovations and improvements to empower their customer experiences and augment the quality of our world’s working & living spaces.

The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

How did you find yourself working in the PropTech sector?

I have been in the industry for almost two decades now. My curiosity led me into every hidden corner of this field. I had the opportunity to do research with the best groups globally, and was lucky to find a holy grail back in 2014. Since then, PropTech and me have grown together almost naturally.

At what point did you realise there was a gap in the market and you had the product for it?

I started with AI for real estate in 2011, at the time most people still thought Big Data was magic. I was hesitant to talk about my work at the beginning, and only after winning Europe's largest Hackathon back in 2014, I stumbled upon a network of opinion leaders who supported me in founding an ETH spin-off.

What are the challenges in Proptech for your company? 

We are as deep tech as one company can come. And our industry is not very mature in respect of digitisation, so we not only had to come up with a great technology but with a resilient end to end process.

Future of PropTech, what do you think is going to be important this year?

It is simple: the industry still needs to work on generating homogenised data sets so it can profit from machine learning technologies. Real Estate industries here are very far behind others - and the return on investment for this process is enormous. 

What are your long-term plans for your business?

We are on the way to become the world’s only Moody’s for architectural quality. With the knowledge we generate we are not only improving established processes - we already perceive a paradigm shift in architectural design, turning from an artistic discipline into an engineering science. The implications of this are manifold but summarised easily: one can only make better what can be measured. And our unique solution to this performs breathtakingly well.

What is a frequently asked question you get about your product?

Why are we the only ones providing this kind of service and why is this not industry standard for ages?

Tell us about your recent company successes.

Since recently we started to provide an AI based tool to support juries of architecture competitions. It was great to see how the first users celebrated our tool and how we contributed to make their hard work easier and helped them to choose the best design based on evidence rather than on gut feeling. Also, worth noting is that we have been awarded the International PropTech Innovation Label from the PropTech Academy Association and have been ranked as one of the Top20 innovative PropTechs. And just recently we have been nominated as one of the 10 selected finalists (out of 300 assessed companies) for Sino Group’s PropXTech acceleration programme which is aimed at the South Chinese market. Lastly, we have also become a portfolio company of the Swiss Technology Fund who invests primarily in proptechs that contribute to sustainability aspects in real estate.

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