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How can we improve Project Efficiency and Accountability within Construction with Geoffrey Lewis and Tiffany LaBruno


In the sixth episode of Season 11 of the Propcast, host Louisa Dickins is joined by Geoffrey Lewis, VP Product Management and Tiffany LaBruno, Product Director who both work at Procore Technologies.


Episode Highlights:

  • How Geoffrey got involved in the PropTech sector from investment banking and a failed startup
  • How the construction industry beginning to utilise new technologies sparked Tiffany’s desire to work in the sector and further train people to continue this adoption
  • The trends they have seen with the growth of innovation
  • The challenges with the increased adoption of technology with the construction industry and how they are working to overcome them
  • Why Procore merged with Honest Buildings and the impact it had on business
  • The value Procore brings to its customers
  • The main differences they have found between working with general contractors and property  owners
  • The partnerships they are forming with other software providers and what they are trying to achieve with this
  • The investment Procore is making into the pre-construction space and how this ties in with ESG




Shout outs:


Key Takeaways:

  • So we really have seen over the 20 – 30 years that I’ve been in this industry, an evolution to utilise technology within construction. – Tiffany
  • If they get in there and it’s too hard to use or too hard to configure, they’re just gonna throw up their hands and go back to Excel. – Geoffrey
  • There’s so many things we’re seeing and utilising at Procore in terms of AI and ML and really driving data insights to owners. They’re starting to see the value of utilising it across the platform because then they can make decisions on future projects based on how the last project went. – Tiffany
  • The one thing I would say for founders out there, you know companies are bought, not sold. Procore’s got to really want to purchase Honest buildings. You can’t just go to them and say, hey, we’re for sale, that’s not gonna be something that gets a deal done. – Geoffrey
  • Historically the tools have been built for these general contractors who are doing all the work and very much need software. But the owners who are holding all the risk, I think haven’t necessarily availed themselves with the right tools to be able to really effectively manage that risk. – Geoffrey
  • What’s interesting is a lot of our most used integrations are things that are used across every industry, not just construction. – Tiffany


About our guests:

Geoff Lewis:

Geoff Lewis is a Product Executive with a unique blend of Product expertise and a Financial Management background. Geoff ran product at Honest Buildings, a global, venture backed real estate technology platform that developed the leading intuitive, data-driven project management and procurement platform purpose built for real estate owners and managers. He joined Procore as a VP of Product Management in 2019 with the company’s acquisition of Honest Buildings. He originally ran the Owners Team for Procore, and currently oversees our Financials Product Team, which he has led since early 2020.

Prior to Honest Buildings He worked as a Private Equity Associate for Permira and was a co-founder of Building Hero, an innovative LED Lighting-as-a-Service business. Geoff received a BA in Mathematics from Pomona College. Originally from Southern California, he currently lives in New York City with his wife and two children.


Tiffany LaBruno:

Tiffany LaBruno, a 20-year veteran of the construction technology industry, began her career as a consultant to Navy Facilities (NAVFAC). From NAVFAC, she directed teams supporting large public and private Owners in evaluating and installing capital program management systems and solutions at Gafcon Digital. At Procore, Tiffany serves as Head of Product for Owners, helping to broaden Procore’s use and value across the built asset lifecycle and to connect all people in the construction process. Tiffany is an advocate of digital transformation for the AECO industry and believes that stakeholder collaboration is the foundation of this work.



Procore Technologies is the leading global provider of construction management software with over 1 million projects and more than$1 trillion USD in construction volume. Procore helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real time data and accessibility minimizes costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits. 


About Our Host

Louisa Dickins

Louisa is the co-founder of LMRE, which has rapidly become the market leading global PropTech recruitment platform and search consultancy with operations across North America, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

To promote the industry she is so passionate about, Louisa set up the Global podcast ‘The Propcast’where she hosts and invites guests from the built environment space to join her in conversation about innovation.

About LMRE

LMRE is globally recognised for leading the way in Real Estate Tech & Innovation talent management.

From the outset our vision was to become a global provider of the very best strategic talent to the most innovative organisations in PropTech, ConTech, Smart Buildings, ESG, Sustainability and Strategic Consulting.

At LMRE we are fully committed at all times to exceed the expectations of our candidates and clients by providing the very best advice and by unlocking exclusive opportunities across our global network in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.



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