VC Proptech Analyst

up to £65k + bonus

Central London

About Our Client

Our client is a venture capital and growth equity firm investing in the convergence of real estate, retail, technology and media.

They invest between €1m and €10m in Series A and B rounds in technology and operating companies informing and disrupting real estate, retail and other consumer-facing sectors.

How they add value


Leverage retail, commercial, residential, and logistical expertise to support entrepreneurs as they refine go-to-market and scaling strategies.


Provide access and introductions to their strategic partners’ deep and supportive global real estate, retail and investor network.


The strategic partners’ portfolios provide sales opportunities and quick feedback loops for products, and access to a variety of stakeholders.


The strategic partners have a global presence, with offices in NY, LA, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Oslo to provide a launchpad for international expansion.

Venture Capital Analyst

As an Analyst, you will be responsible primarily across the sourcing and due diligence stage of the deal cycle.

Specific responsibilities will include:


They are looking for someone with a real passion for technology and real estate / retail that must be based in London, United Kingdom for the duration. They will likely exhibit:

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