Senior Underwriting Analyst

Up to £60,000


Our client is a globally integrated, full-service asset management company providing due diligence and pricing, asset management and global support services.


Our client is seeking for an investment analyst to join the Continental Europe Underwriting Team. The candidate will support the Funds in assessing suitability, evaluating and closing non-performing loan and real estate portfolios as well as other investment opportunities across Europe.

He/she will be part of a team of c. 8 professionals, reporting to the senior members of the underwriting team and working closely to the funds.

Key responsibilities include:

The candidate will show proactivity, enthusiasm and self-motivation. He/she will be able to work under pressure and delivery high quality work within tight deadlines. Analytical rigour, ethical conduct and outstanding presentation and communication skills are an important qualifier.

In one year time, the candidate will have reached sufficient independency to work with only key guidance.


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