Head of Product



Our client are currently looking for a Head of Product  who will oversee and support the cross-functional product teams and contribute to the execution and planning of the next steps reaching the next level of our software. Reporting to the CPO, the Head of Product will drive product excellence within the organisation.

Their goal is to make the real estate industry more transparent and efficient by introducing genuinely digital processes. Getting there involves a balancing act: It means finding solutions that, on the one hand, will restore order to a chaotic jumble of documents and, on the other hand, will permit managing large quantities of data and developing truly digital workflows.

Bringing plenty of experience, a visionary mindset, a highly dedicated team and an outstanding network to the job, they have positioned theirselves as your best-of-class partner for every step of your sector-wide digitisation strategy. They are not only developing new software but turning the whole industry upside down. 




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020 3574 4132

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