Growth Hacker


Central London

Develop an in-house business-as-usual marketing capability built on the concept of Growth Hacking to market their products.

Competencies - Role-based:

  1. Strong stakeholder management skills, especially managing Founders, Executives and
  2. Team management skills to manage a marketing team of 3 to 5
  3. ‘Growth hacking’:
    1. bringing traditional and creative ideas on how to support and grow the agreed KPI's
    2. Understanding different types of ‘growth hacking’ - and how companies have used in the past
    3. Strategic thinking, what would work best based for our brands
    4. Understanding PR for growth
    5. User retention and optimisation
  4. Focused and passion to grow a product fast (keep pace or set pace)
  5. Media agnostic (online, offline, paid, free, earned, owned, whatever)

Competencies - Cultural:

  1. Strong emphasis on process, data, metrics and measurable
  2. Open to giving and receiving criticism; challenging others and being challenged.
  3. Continuously striving toward becoming your better
  4. Fast-paced, hard-driving with a strong work ethic - work long
  5. Persistent and bold - doing what it takes to make the impossible
  6. Calm under pressure - self-aware
  7. Continuously keeping key stakeholders
  8. Honesty and integrity
  9. Enthusiasm 

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