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Tech Talks with Jovan Arsovski, VTS


Welcome to ‘Tech Talks’ with Ana Andrade, a Q&A focused on how Tech is making the Built Environment SMARTER.

This bulletin series features key industry players from the land technology and built environment space in conversation with consultant Ana Andrade, drawing insights around the topics of  AI, IoT, GDPR and ESG compliance, and much more!

This week we have been in touch with Jovan Arsovski, Senior Solutions Consultant at VTS.

VTS is the commercial real estate industry’s only technology company that unifies owners, operators, brokers, and tenants in a single platform to capitalize on opportunities revealed in every square foot of their properties. In 2013, VTS revolutionized the commercial real estate industry’s leasing operations with what is now VTS Lease. Today, the VTS Platform is the largest first-party data source in the industry, transforming how strategic decisions are made and executed by CRE professionals across the globe.

What does your role entail at VTS?

Sales, Solutions, and Implementation are what I do on a daily basis. You may have a job title on paper, but your role is defined by your skills, curiosity, and willingness to collaborate. Since joining VTS, I’ve focused on helping our clients achieve successful outcomes in their real estate portfolios. Whether it’s early engagements on client workshops and selection of smart building use-cases, to preparing comprehensive reports backed by leasing data and assessment-based findings, to digital tenant experience.


How did you find yourself working in the Built Environment sector (and more specifically within ‘smart buildings’)? What unique opportunities and challenges have you faced so far?

Being in the Smart Buildings space is an enjoyable and interesting experience – even though it is the Building Environment sector, the go-to-market approach is different. The procurement process involves consultants, landlords, property managers, and everyone in between, as well as deployments and implementations, from MSIs to construction management firms to contractors and subcontractors. The unique aspect of the smart building space is what’s so great about it – as the old saying goes; every building is a snowflake, and so is every smart building project.


It goes without saying that the use of AI has been an increasingly relevant topic. What are your thoughts on that? Are you currently adopting (or planning to) this type of technology at VTS?

I have no current thoughts on AI in the build environment except that the journey is two steps forward, one step back. More specifically, my hypothesis lies in the benefits of AI in BIM Modelling and Design Development in the RIBA Stages. If you listen to CBRE PM’s across the globe, their latest stance on the service is People + Technology, so AI + Engineers is the natural segway to improved design.


How do you see the industry evolving in the next few years, and what impact might it have on professionals (thinking of AI, automation, data protection, privacy, IoT)?

  • Smart Building Professionals come from all walks of life. My early memories of a successful smart building team were at Hoare lea; 6 team members from different backgrounds (ICT Engineer with vast experience in Data Centers, Mechanical Engineer with specialization in Net Zero / ESG Initiatives, UI/UX Analyst from a design background in developing Olympic Aerodynamic bikes and a Security Consultant with umbrella experience over ACS, Intercom, Duress and Fire Alarms.
  • The future of the industry is individuals with numerous skill sets from the above individuals, not just BMS Engineers who installed a few IoT sensors and became “smart” all of a sudden (said with a grain of salt people 😊 )


Are there any exciting product/ project launches coming out or in the making that you could share with us?

  • Apple Wallet!!!!!
  • Give me a call at 07376955108 or email me at and we can discuss getting people in the building from tube to tenant demise with express Apple Wallet.


Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring players and entrepreneurs looking to enter this space?

  • Be Curious. Every day, Every week, learn something new.
  • Do your time, spend time on-site, and really understand the technical components before sunset sailing
  • Speak with people in the industry, networking is the key to success.

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