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Crazy for ConTech with Angelos Nicolaou, SEKTOR


Welcome to ‘Crazy for ConTech’ with Romey Oulton, a Q&A focused on the Construction Technology Industry. 

This Q&A series is an opportunity for our Head of ConTech, Romey Oulton, to discuss all things construction technology with key players who are championing innovation and digitalisation in the construction space. 

This week we have been in touch with Angelos Nicolaou, CEO of SEKTOR.

SEKTOR is a Technology Adoption Company that provides a single point of support for multiple solutions and a complete system to ensure digital engagement across your projects. Whether it’s streamlining the onboarding process, providing hands-on training, or ensuring continuous support and updates, SEKTOR equips businesses with the tools and expertise needed to fully realize the benefits of their tech. Our goal is to ensure Technology becomes an integral and a value-generating part of your operations.

What was the mission of SEKTOR when you created it? And what is unique about your business and why does the industry need you?

SEKTOR’s mission is to supercharge tech adoption in Construction


What is the state of Technology Adoption in Construction? What’s the missing link in supercharging tech adoption?

There are more than enough solutions in the market. Adoption is lacking because of several factors (to be discussed in the podcast)


“Adoption Vs Implementation” – what’s the difference and the unique challenges faced by each process?

Implementation is a one-off. Adoption is a continuous process of engaging with technology in a deeper and more integrated manner.


If our industry has an adoption challenge, why haven’t technology startups dealt with it? Aren’t they supposed to offer customer success as part of their package? What role do technology start-ups have to play in ensuring tech isn’t seen as a ‘headache’ for the end user? 

Startups are focused on building amazing software. There is a service element to adoption however that is deeper and more complex than what a customer success team can handle. Service also eats up into the gross margins of a SaaS company and makes it less attractive to investors. The way to ensure adoption and keep their margins is to work with a partner. 


What will be the biggest trend in the ConTech space in 2024? What will be the biggest challenge?



What’s something exciting coming up for SEKTOR?

AI adoption.


Your team has evaluated, tested and operated more than 100 Contech solutions. What’s the best piece of advice you would have for SaaS startups in our industry today?

Make Adoption of your SaaS a priority. Ensure that it’s deeply integrated into the systems and processes of your customers. Adoption creates raving fans and facilitates faster growth.

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