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PropTech Recruitment in Europe: Connecting with Clients and Candidates.


As a PropTech Recruitment Consultant working within the European team, I interact regularly with candidates and clients based in different countries and cultures. Whilst my focus is on French talent, the exposure to a variety of different groups always keeps me on my toes. My day-to-day exchanges are not limited to the weather and local Covid news. They involve issues surrounding the real estate industry such as emerging trends, the implications and predictions of the effect the pandemic has had on the retail and office sectors, and the acceleration of the digitalisation of the industry forced upon us by the lockdown.


As an international individual myself, I have grown up and functioned within environments that boasted cultural diversity. I felt this would stand me in good stead for my role in job search and recruitment. However, the plethora of conversations I engaged in left me revelling at how the multitude of cultural differences permeate the industry. Therefore, people working within this industry must adapt and accommodate the practices that govern the working lives of people in different nations. To put this in context, the attitude towards start-ups differs from country to country due to risk associated with building a new business. For example, the German attitude is generally extremely risk averse when compared to the UK, USA or even France. However, this hasn’t stopped Berlin becoming the “place to be” for European start-ups, with one being founded every 20 minutes. This makes the German capital a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and could drive a shift in mainstream attitudes.


Finding the right talent.


When the time comes to start looking for PropTech talent, businesses often find the process challenging. According to L’Agefi, some companies have started to think outside the box. Whilst the typical criteria of experience and connections still hold some sway in recruitment decisions, they are no-longer the be-all and end-all. This is the case with French Proptechs Fundimmo and Masteos. Fundimmo, a platform specialised in real estate crowdfunding, has removed the “real estate background” requirement. Previous encounters taught them that hiring experienced professionals who had local networks did not necessarily translate to the desired results. Masteos, a company that offers property investors a one-stop shop for property search, renovation and management, also deviated from the standard framework for recruitment. They are targeting candidates with interesting or atypical backgrounds and have placed far more emphasis on a passion for property investment.


Whatever criteria is set out by a company in its recruitment process will reflect its brand image. Positive employer branding helps to attract and retain top talent. These are the people that all companies want because they help businesses grow and prosper. Hence, Masteos will attract a diverse range of candidates with a genuine interest in the field, both personally and professionally. This will help to ensure the longevity of their employee-employer relationship. According to igniyte, having a strong, positive employer brand is crucial for an effective recruitment process. It’s also vital for business survival with the performance of their recruits directly affecting the performance of the business. This effect is magnified when placed in the context of a start-up, with the actions of each new member concentrated by the reality of smaller teams.


Covid-19 has changed the way companies are recruiting for candidates. Many companies went entirely remote and their recruitment efforts went global as a result. For example, the demand for individuals with tech experience has soared, and the highly competitive nature of the job market reflects this. When combined with the fact that the European Proptech is still in its infancy, sometimes concessions have to be made. When looking for the perfect candidate, it is good to keep an open mind about their skills and experiences. Luckily, as specialist recruiters, we know the market well, and have access to a solid pre-existing network.


Time is money.


Companies can spend a considerable amount of time, money and effort to find the perfect candidate. Britain has reacted to this and according to Recruitment International and Agency Central, the UK counts 39,232 recruitment agencies, 1535 of which are located in London. Traditionally, the concept has appeared to be more Anglo-Saxon, with Europe only recently turning to external recruiters for their hiring needs. This is certainly something we have encountered while getting to know companies around Europe. However, with globalisation becoming the norm, recruiters and job seekers are increasingly crossing boundaries as they look for qualified talent and opportunities. In addition, the unprecedented times forced upon us by Covid have highlighted our usefulness to those who have not relied on us previously.


When working with a recruitment company you can be assured of a number of things; a fast-hiring process, high quality candidates and continued support to ensure an efficient and reliable process. The specialist approach, the Proptech industry in the case of LMRE, facilitates all of these factors when looking for candidates. Calling upon a recruiter like LMRE increases your chances of success in finding the right candidate, whilst maintaining your branding. But more than a recruiter, we also consider ourselves a partner to your firm, to help you achieve your growth plans and succeed at every step of your journey.


If you are a Proptech company and are considering using a recruiter, please get in touch. We will be happy to guide you along the process.



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LMRE are specialist PropTech recruiters, if you need help growing your business or making any key hires please get in touch via the form below!

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