Tech Account Manager

Up to £50,000

Central London

Our client is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution (combine with Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines) for letting agencies and property managers. Built from the ground up using AI he is a truly autonomous machine that requires little human manipulation and is able to execute seamlessly across all the different tasks involved in the rent process. Our client removes the complexities of the agent day to day job by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions. Our client is busy continuously learning, maintaining constant observation and analysis of your estates, finding problem in advance you may never have thought about and freeing you up to focus on higher value problem solving.

The Job

They are looking for a tech savvy Technical Account Manager to build their client base and increase customer satisfaction through providing technical support before and after sales. The Technical Account Manager should be able to satisfy client queries in a timely manner and train clients to use products as well as working with the sales team to increase sales.

The Technical Account Manager function is the bridge between the business and the technical worlds, internally and externally. Therefor he well be asked to analyze and map the client's business processes  and to pre-configured the product to match the client's needs.

To be successful as a Technical Account Manager, you should have excellent technology skills and knowledge, as well as sales ability and interpersonal skills. Ultimately, a good Technical Account Manager is tech savvy, analytical, and well organized.




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