Senior Associate Role

Up to £100,000

London, UK

PropTech Senior Associate Role role based in London, UK.


Our client helps world class RE leaders understand and engage with the technologies that will transform every asset class in the sector. They do this through deep and regular engagement with senior executives in their Braintrust partner network (comprised of leading global RE firms), and constant analysis of new startups in the Proptech landscape. They focus on the ‘problems’ not the ‘tech’. They deliver both strong commercial engagements and revolutionary startup investments - ensuring in all cases there is value delivered to their partners.

They have 8 of the world’s best RE companies in their group so far, and have made 15 startup investments, showing a strong portfolio return. They are a team of 4 operating their advisory research & investment business on behalf of 2 investors, and are in the process of raising their first fund. They are looking for a senior investment specialist to bring sector insight, dealflow analysis, and great relationship management to what they do.

About You:

You love investing in tech. You can smell the bad and feel the good, and get excited about changing the way the world works. You have several years of startup investment experience, know how to build conviction, and have taken a few deals to the IC. You’ve are fascinated by proptech, and recognise that the world’s largest asset class has an exciting breadth of application, level of depth to it, and a tech utilisation gap that points to a long term career defining opportunity.

You like relationships, you are good at listening, you have an appetite for learning about Real Estate. You’re also a tireless innovator, and eager to filter out the points that really matter, and suggest ways to create value to their partners. You have the gravitas to hold the floor in front of senior stakeholders, the attention to detail to maintain their respect, and the written and oral communication skills to operate at their level. You’re also opinionated and strong enough to make your argument credible about why “the way they have always done things” maybe is worth revisiting. You’re sensitive and experienced enough to make helpful suggestions about how this could happen.

Plus you’re fun, you’re human, you’re helpful, you like helping people grow professionally, and are looking for a thing and group of people you want to spend your next 5-10 years enjoying.

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