Customer Success Manager

London, UK

PropTech Customer Success Manager role based London, UK.

Our client is a property technology business headquartered in London. Their open network connects the parties involved in property transactions, including estate agents, conveyances, brokers and lenders, using blockchain, cutting the cost and increasing the speed of property deals. Backed by global VC investors and supported by major players in the property market, the network will launch in the UK in early 2021.

Their Values:

Their values are really important to them and the way they conduct business. They believe that how you are perceived outside is just a reflection of who they are inside, and so these values guide everything they do, from who they choose to join the team, how they make choices and decisions, to how they interact with their investors, partners and suppliers.

They wanted to connect people across the property industry and enable them to work better together. As a result, collaboration, cooperation and teamwork are at the heart of who they are as a business. In practical terms that means they seek to be open and independent, listen to other’s views and have some humility about their own, show generosity in sharing what they have and can do with others, and always seek to support and build communities.   

Innovative - They see innovation as a means to an end, instead of in innovation for innovation’s sake. They believe creating the future starts with setting a bold vision of how things could and should be and then becomes a reality through a commitment to finding a way to achieve that vision. They value bravery, creativity, persistence and positivity, and have an unerring belief that any problem can be solved – even the challenges of the global property markets!

Trustworthy - They take seriously the role they play in enabling property businesses to conduct their business and deliver outstanding service to their customers. They earn their partners’ trust by fielding a team who have deep expertise in their area, by being transparent in their dealings, delivering on their promises, and by providing a world-class standard of security and reliability in their technology.    

Your Role

The Customer Success Team exists to ensure that the businesses that use our client get the best out of it.  Success means the end-users get a smooth, seamless experience, maximise their value from the network and become an advocate of the brand. Your role will be to work with end-users such as Estate Agents and Conveyancers in a wide range of activities including educating and building awareness of what they can do, onboarding and training, embedding our client into users’ day to day work and processes, and helping them make the maximum use of the powerful functionality they offer.   


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