Business Developer / City Manager



Business Developer / City Manager role based in Germany.

Cities to open:






Job Description (WTTJ)

Who are they?

They’re a PropTech Saas company that allows co-owners to manage their buildings themselves without the services of a professional property manager.

With a third round of funding of 35 million euros, They are moving up a gear! Today they have 3,000 client co-ownerships with a target of 5,000 very soon. With more than 400 new applications per week, there is no shortage of people who wish to change their way of managing their building!

Founded in 2017, they are now 150 employees working a lot to achieve their mission: make co-owners happy in their building! It is now the time to address the German market. 

Why join them?

What are the responsibilities on this position?

After a successful Series B of 35M€, they aim at taking over the German market and becoming in two years one of the leaders in building management.


To achieve this goal, they’re building a strong sales team across Germany with the following missions:


For the first three months:


And later on:

Preferred experience:


You or your parents are unhappy with their building manager?

You want to help make the co-managed buildings a better place to live for everyone ? You like board games?

Look no further, this job is made for you. 


Skills expected

Recruitment process

  1. 1st call : HR
  2. 1st round + Business case: Robin + Alice
  3. Fit: Marie + Hortense + Charles Bohé
  4. Final round: Raph
  5. Ref check: Robin or Alice

Business case

2 business cases, 1st one needs to be prepared, second one is on the spot.

1st case, to be prepared.

"You start tomorrow in Köln. What do you do for your first three months ? How do you measure if you're successful or not ?" 

2nd case, on the spot.

Sales simulation. "You just bought a flat in Köln, you were fed up of paying your apartments fees, so you decided to change. You had a call with the Köln Citymanager, you're quite convinced this is the way to go for your building. So this is now Saturday, and you go knock on your neighbors doors to convince them to switch to them."

They play an elderly couple, with classic objections: French company with no clients in Germany, fear of responsibility, time it's going to take, problems with neighbors etc...


Between two weeks and one month with the whole of their team in Paris.

Then physical shadowing in your Länder with the country manager / head of sales / senior sales

Meeting every day with your manager in the first week Meeting twice a week for the first two months Meeting once a week after the onboarding period