UKAA's webinar ‘'The only thing your tech stack is missing... is the real estate"  Presented by: SmartRent


The team at LMRE tuned in this afternoon to the UKAA’s latest webinar ‘’ The only thing your tech stack is missing... is the real estate.  Presented by: SmartRent". SmartRent were joined by Engrain (the developers behind the tech that powers SmartRent's Self-Guided Tours).

Led by Phil Lamb Senior Vice President of SmartRent he was joined by Brent Steiner CEO of Engrain, Leigh Sublett the Director of Demand Generation at Venterra, Brianna Bocker the Marketing Technology Manager of Cortland and Muir Baxter the UK Sales Director at SmartRent.

The webinar began with insight into Engrain’s technology. Engrain is an interactive real estate visualisation software that provides a mapping platform that works in conjunction with SmartRent. SmartRent aims to bring automation to property managers and renters, their platform enables you to control all the smart devices in your properties.

As a way of demonstrating the effectiveness of SmartRent and Engrain’s tech, we got to hear from those working within Multifamily/PRS.

Brianna from Cortland mentioned that they have been working out how to find solutions for self-guided tours and that Covid-19 had accelerated their plans. SmartRent and Engrain has facilitated this and within the last 30 days she noted that 360 tours took place in over 60 communities. 65% of those people show up which is a high appointment to tour ratio. The added benefit was that it helps push higher quality leads to the office resulting in more efficiency for onsite staff.

Leigh from Venterra mentioned that this was also their mission. They have 60 communities across the U.S and SmartRent with Engrain have allowed them to further identify client preferences resulting in a more targeted marketing strategy. An additional benefit of the software was that it allows them to highlight additional amenities to their perspective clients (such as rentables), the visualisation then resulting in maximised revenue.

Phil Lamb from SmartRent pointed out that they have recorded 150,000 tours since start of Covid with 80% of users able to register within 5 minutes. Muir the UK Sales Director for SmartRent then went on to discuss what the UK must learn from the US. The reality is that the US is a more mature marketplace and the use of tech in the Real Estate sector is more widespread. SmartRent have seen increased adoption of their tech (particularly within BTR) in the UK and we can take confidence from what has been delivered in the US over the last few years.

When discussing the subject of implementation both Leigh and Brianna agreed that it was more efficient to have a centralised implementation figure to roll out the software. A person who can manage the content creation simultaneously.

An interesting and thought-provoking webinar providing an insight into real-life results of innovative tech within the Real Estate sector. Exciting times ahead with SmartRent and Engrain, the incremental functionality leads to a world of possibility within real estate!

By Olivia Dobson

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