Some Welcome Positives


Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of negative news which sometimes seems unavoidable. Whilst we recognise the momentous change to normality and send well wishes to those suffering from reverberations of Coronavirus, we at LMRE thought it was important to highlight the more positive things to come of the last few weeks.

Every Thursday for the last three weeks the UK at 8pm has joined in applause to celebrate the NHS and the nation’s care workers. The nation standing on their doorsteps or at windows gave a round of applause in gratitude to the wonderful NHS and all those supporting the nation during the uncertain times of Covid-19. British landmarks including the Shard and the London Eye, Belfast City Hall and the Kelpies in Falkirk were glowing in the NHS blue and clapping could be heard in even the smallest villages and across the streets of London. An emotional few minutes that highlights the nation coming together during this time. 

The true spirit of companies is shining through and we have seen great acts of kindness. Leon the restaurant chain has kept certain branches open to NHS employees offering a takeaway and delivery service at a discount of 50%. Fullers, the pub and restaurant chain has announced it will not seek rent payment from its tenanted pubs.

Unite Students in response to the outbreak of Covid-19, have updated their cancellation policy to aid the students living on their sites. Students now have the ability to end their tenancy contract early, allowing them to forgo their final semester of rent. With most students now having online lectures, seminars many students have returned home. Unite Students will have no doubt put many minds at rest, allowing students to focus on their studies. A great considerate move from Unite Students and we have noticed more Student Accommodation companies following suit.

We have also seen great charity initiatives which have gathered worldwide support. The Run For Heroes campaign which was set up to initially raise £5,000 for the NHS has raised over £3 million so far. The initiative encourages people to use their daily exercise to run or walk 5 kilometres, donate £5 to the cause and then nominate 5 other people to do the same.

Captain Tom Moore the 99-year-old war veteran is an inspiration to us all. Having initially intended to raise £1,000 for the NHS Charities Together by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday, he has now raised over £18 million with donations still pouring in.

On Easter Sunday, Andrea Boccelli performed a 30-minute ‘Music for Hope’ concert in the deserted Duomo di Milano. The performance was live streamed to the world with over 2.8 million viewing live, it has now been viewed over 35 million times. The final song ‘Amazing Grace’ was accompanied by scenes of empty London, Paris and Milan. Whilst chilling to see a city devoid of life and laid bare, we felt there was an under lying beauty. An uplifting beauty, a respectful sign of solidarity, a sign that people want to help by following the guidelines of social distancing.

The team also noted that whilst in lockdown, people have more time. More time to sleep, to cook, to read and to spend time with their family and catching up with friends (albeit on the phone). We hope that many more positive things will come from the next few months that in reflection we will be grateful for, but in the meantime, we must remain at home to flatten the curve and stay safe.
Liv Dobson
Photo credits: Daily Mail

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