PropTech, Data & Innovation Summit


A classic London morning, overcast and wet. Tom Pickett and Jack Morris were greeted by a plethora of chocolate muffins and copious amounts of coffee beans.

Meeting and chatting to new and old faces from the ninth floor, information and ideas were shared with the likes of Joey Barnett - Life Ventures, Sebastien Verity - Savills and Michelle Buxton - Toolbox Group.

We then had the pleasure of listening to Menno Lammers speak about his idea of ‘moving real estate into the new age’ in relation to ‘Society 5.0’.

The understanding of moving forwards together is of paramount importance of sustainability for next generations. This will require real estate and technology to build a strong relationship and potentially ‘become one’ to allow progress to develop better and faster for a brighter future. 

Capturing data using A.I is a must…capturing relevant and specific data is a necessity. Using A.I will cut down on mistakes, waste and time. This will allow the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of new and existing buildings to lessen. For example, New York have a goal of reducing their carbon emissions by 40% as fast as 2040. The use of robots and tech will be at the centre of this, it’s a tool that will be and must be used to grow with the rapidly changing world we live in.

Educating people on how to use, work and live with new technology will be the defining moment for the next generations as robots and humans learn to move into the future together.

Jack Morris 

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