How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Video based interviews are becoming more and more popular, making it more important than ever for you to interview comfortably over the web.      

If you have been selected for a video interview, a time will be appointed, and your zoom/google hangout or Skype details will be requested. Video interviews provide a live experience that is closer to the traditional face to face interview. Video based interviews have a couple of benefits in terms of convenience, save on travel costs and time.


The following tips will help you prepare and feel comfortable for your upcoming video-based interview:

1. Dress the Part

It is vital to dress in the same way you would in a face to face interview, it will put you in the right frame of mind for your interview, plus what if you need to move during your interview and you are wearing PJ bottoms. Avoid sharp whites, and bright fullerite colours. Sparkly jewellery and overly busy patterns can also be distracting

2. Professional Usernames

We have all been there but if your username has been the same since you were fourteen, it may be time for a change. Be boring and use your name, and god forbid anyone has the same name as you add some numbers.

3. Location Location Location

Set up a clean, natural background with good lighting. Avoid distractions such as mirrors or sitting behind a window and please be aware of artwork on your walls. When you have chosen your location test the angle of the lighting to avoid any shadowing and any other distractions.

4. Eye Contact

Looking into the webcam, rather than the image on the screen will make you look as engaged as possible, this also gives the impression that you are looking into the interviewer’s eyes. Slightly leaning towards the camera increases eye contact and shows the interviewer your facial expressions. 

5. Reading your notes

The great thing about a video interview is that you can refer to your notes. But if you do use them, you’ll need to make sure your being subtle. Avoid sounding too rehearsed as it will disrupt the natural flow of the conversation.

6. Handling tech glitches with grace

If you do experience any technical issues such as week connection, be calm and ask the interviewer to repeat the questions. If the problem keeps continuing, mention the issues you are having and try reconnecting to avoid missing any vital information. Focus on the speed and tone of your voice this helps prepare you for any delays in communication. Also, try making acknowledgment noises like yes or hmm as this allows the interviewer to know that you can hear them.

7. Closing

It is vital to finish on the right note, you will need to find the opportunity to summarise your key points, making sure you thank the interviewer for their time. Lastly, make sure you leave knowing the next steps of the interview process.





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