Five signs it could be time to change jobs

Is it time to change your job?

Here is LMRE's five signs it could be time to change jobs.


Your interests and goals naturally change over time, but how do you know if you’re ready to think about a change of job?

You’ve noticed motivation is dwindling and you have been in your job for a while. Maybe you don’t feel challenged enough, or maybe you feel like you’re not moving in the direction you want any more.

Even though you may have enjoyed your time working in your current company and have built up a great relationship with your colleagues, it doesn't mean you shouldn't want to branch out and try something new. Here are some signs it is time to move on…

1. Your current skills don’t match up to your personal interests

Sometimes people get hired for things they’re good at but don’t necessarily like doing it. Perhaps your skilled in front end sales but would prefer to be in marketing.

It’s not always easy to make it happen, it’s natural to want to match your personal interests with your career activity – an insight LMRE can offer to this that we are all experts of our fields and if your wanting a change into a different part of the PropTech we can advise and help map it out for you.

2. Company model & Values

When your first begin working at your current job it seemed full of endless possibilities, and you couldn’t wait to be key factor of the company. But recently you’ve noticed a change in the office, and your belief or confidence in the organisation isn’t what is once was.

Perhaps the company has merged with different company, and the strategic decisions and change doesn’t sit well with you? Perhaps a management reshuffle has not been a change for the better in your view? Or perhaps it’s just your own thinking has evolved, and your starting to feel the company’s values don’t align closely with you anymore?

3. You often feel stressed and tired

Are you dragging your feet on the commute to work, and are lacking motivation that you once had? Are you sleeping badly, or are you more often prone to bouts of low spirits?

These could be symptoms of rising stress levels – a kind of bodily early warning system that things with you aren’t quite as they should be. Stress can affect your mood and your immune system, making you more susceptible to colds and low moods.

So, if you're getting the feeling that your body is trying to tell you something, it’s worth taking a moment to listen to your body.

4. Opinions & Contributions

Do you feel that your opinions and contributions sometimes go un-noticed? You may find you have been overlooked promotions or important projects. Perhaps the relationships within your ream aren’t as cordial or collaborative as they used to be. It’s important for the team dynamic to be right, as you spend a significant proportion of your time every week working with them.

It’s vital to feel that you are a valued member and the atmosphere is friendly, productive and encouraging. If you’ve done everything you can do to improve the dynamic, but things still don’t feel right, it might be worth to start looking into some new options, where you feel can make a real difference.

5. You’ve just grown out of your current role

Sometimes it can be hard to accept that your current role – is just not substantial enough for your anymore. But staying in role that you’ve grown out of, out of a sense of loyalty or hesitation to change, could become a demotivating experience in the longer term.

You’ve developed skills and experience over time, and you’re ready for a new challenge. Some companies may just not have the resources or business case to be able to develop you to the next stage, and sometimes what your career need is the sort of step change that only a job switch can really provide.


For more career advice, and details on current opportunities get in touch with the LMRE team.

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