First Day of CREtech

We had a great start, in playing dice with Nadine Evans from the PropTech Business called Eddy. We may have lost instantly but we did learn through this that 70% of claims in commercial real estate are water damaged, which is astonishing and Eddy looks at a way to reduce this.


We had a great start, in playing dice with Nadine Evans from the PropTech Business called Eddy. We may have lost instantly but we did learn through this that 70% of claims in commercial real estate are water damaged, which is astonishing and Eddy looks at a way to reduce this.

After the punt, we moved on to our first meet with Mike Miklavic, partner of Flow and Form which builds custom software for the PropTech industry. Given the shortage and high demand for engineers, this was an awesome first meet. Mike was in Tech and previously helped US companies build offshore software teams before founding his own business that now operates from Boston and Europe.

We then went on to meet Pierre Calzadilla.  Pierre has an impressive 17 years in the PropTech space which is a rare find. Pierre is currently a VP of Growth at Local Logic, he’s also a Dad, a Start-up Advisor and PropTech guru. Pierre has a fountain of knowledge in this space and after a quick chat with him it was clear the power of absorbing data. 

Between meetings Richard and I went for a browse around all the PropTech stands and caught up with our fellow UK/Europe Clients like Coyote. Oli and Oli D-W are breaking the US and from what we could see they seemed to be very busy on their stand!

We then headed to catch up with HQO and had a good chat with Mark Rosenthal, VP of Marketing, Sales & Customer Success. It was good to meet the team as we are assisting HQO with their expansion to Europe which is being led by the wonderful Sam Warren.

Next stop was with Foyr, where we saw the ever-friendly Ashley James and Vikas Kaushal, Co-Founder, Head - Strategy & Growth. Foyr helps get rid of brochures for brokers and is a story teller tech, which helps brokers make the right decision. They have already tackled the APAC market and now are doing the same in the US.

We then bumped into Troy from View, View is a sustainable tech solution for windows. After standing in this huge industrial building with windows all around we could already see the market for it.

We had a quick lunch, where Richard tried tofu for the first time which was pretty ground-breaking and we headed to meet with Omer Golan, Founder/CEO at Outernets. Outernets is an interesting offering which digitalises shopfronts. After meeting with Omer it was clear the integration this business could have with the likes of Storefront and AppearHere. Outernets is based in NYC,  expanding to Europe and in the next year or so to Asia too.

We then wondered over to Cherre where we met James, Carolina and few of the team there. Cherre have come an extremely long way in a short space of time. They are currently at 50 people and looking to grow by 50% in the next 12 months. Cherre provides investors, insurers, brokers and other large enterprises with a platform to collect, resolve, and augment real estate data from thousands of public, private, and internal sources. By providing a “single source of truth,” they empower you to evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately, while saving clients millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics cost. Yet again, validates the importance and power of DATA.

Also, thank you Cherre for your branded iPhone charges, probably the best bit of marketing I have seen and definitely memorable!

We had a quick chat with Vijay, the CEO of rethink who are based in Austin. Extremely impressive man and business, looking to close series A before expansion.

We then caught up with Shawn and Mitch from Smart Rent, where we learnt despite the huge multi family offering in the US, there has been less than 1% take up in tech.

We then met the wonderful  Elizabeth Redmond, CEO & Co-Founder at CoWorkr from SanFran. CoWorkr's mission is to help companies build better workplaces. Since what has been happening at WeWork recently and companies spending more and more on office space, Elizabeth enlightened us a bit more on the US market… Desks cost a company $10k-$18k/desk per year and workers are spending less and less time at them. Their core product uses tiny sensors that collects data on workplace activity and help companies design strategies for thriving workplaces & a productive staff force.

Elizabeth then shed light on some worthwhile conferences to go to, as we closed in on the end of the day I started to realise how huge the US market is and where all the hubs are and what to tackle first.

We were nearing the end of the day and feeling pretty tired then Nelson Lau came over. Nelson Lau is the CEO at PropertyQuants. Nelson is based in Singapore but came over to this event to suss out the market and look into expansion. Property Quants is a Colliers TechStars PropTech Accelerator and has an impressive concept, which brings a quantitative revolution to global real estate.

Last and certainly not least we met with Rachel Walters, who is a breath of fresh air and full of energy. Rachel works at Join Digital which provides Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces. Not only is it very evident she is great at her job, she has a passion for PropTech and I am looking forward to learning from her and attending future events and drinks together!

After a long but thought-provoking day we headed to Frankie and Johnnies steakhouse in midtown to meet our accountant and celebrate our official launch of LMRE’s US business.

It was great to meet everyone today! Bring on Day 2 CREtech.


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