Changing Perceptions in PropTech


The MIPIM organised event was an amazing opportunity to listen to some of the leading industry experts. The cosy auditorium room with the super comfy sofas was the perfect setting for sharing ideas, discussing industry trends and asking questions. Holding the event in a WeWork building also gave everyone an opportunity to enjoy the lavish entertainment room while networking during the breaks in between the talks.

Some of the topics in discussion were around change management and implementation of new technologies in large corporations where tech adoption process is normally a much slower and painful process. The panel addressed the ever-relevant topic of getting everyone on board in large companies with new tech driven methods. At an individual level everyone needs a different approach and at a broader company level it becomes an objective of eroding the boundaries slowly.

Failure, and fear of failure within PropTech was also one of the subjects in discussion. Are we ready to discuss the subject of failure and mistakes in PropTech? Does making mistakes allow us to learn and make better decisions going forward? Is it better to fail early on and move on taking your new experience with you?

As well as getting valuable insight from industry experts, the event was also a great opportunity to meet with some of the early PropTech innovators and investment analysts looking for the fantastic opportunity.

Sergey Mazine

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